If you don't design your organization intentionally, bias will do it for you

We help you engage your employees by focusing on what matters to your people and to your business

Attract and retain the right people by evolving their experience

  • Humanize your people practices

  • Find the focus that engagement scores do not give you

  • Serve your team's wellness as they build the company

See the impact of an intentional EX Strategy:

- Turnover
- Stress
- Volatility
+ engagement
+ Well-being
+ Results

Our Services

Assessing EX

  • EX Impact Mapping

  • Focus Group/Interviews

  • Customized EXSurveys

Leading EX

  • Manager Training

  • Coaching

  • Team Building

Designing EX

  • Co-creation

  • Values & Behaviour Alignment

  • Talent Strategy Design

Employee Experience is Everywhere

Whether you are just getting started with your EX strategy, or are looking to super-charge your current initiatives, we can help.  We specialize in people-centric organizational design and have two decades of experience helping organizations nurture the environment in which people can thrive.  EXD supports organizations as they modernize their people practices, nurture employees, and drive business outcomes. 

Leaders know that a positive work experience inspires people to thrive, with great impact on happiness, engagement, and productivity. Prosperous teams create prosperous companies.

Creating great experiences starts by listening. You must listen to what your employees care about in order to help them achieve it. Let this knowledge drive action to deliver an exceptional work experience that is directly related to what people truly care about. Let this knowledge power your EX strategy.


"Gil has a fabulous understanding of both people and business and how the two interact. His positive attitude and beliefs on how he can make work better for employees are invaluable. During his two years as Director of Employee Experience, Gil brought tremendous value to the business, as well as, to me personally as CEO. Gil is enthusiastic and passionate, while also being practical and consultative. He is always able to draw the best out of those around him. I highly recommend to others to work with Gil in helping to drive better outcomes for both their business and their people."

- Bradley Brodkin, Founder and CEO at HighVail Systems Inc.

"Working with Gil was an extremely valuable experience. Being in a stand alone role, it was great to be able to work through a cultural initiative, bouncing ideas and challenges off of him throughout the process while having an accountability buddy. The framework itself was manageable even when there were conflicting priorities. I wish I would've had Gil's framework earlier in my career so that implementing change would have been more effective and aligned to creating the most positive employee experience possible."

- Rhonda Morris, VP People at Browze

"Gil was able to guide me in getting our top executive’s commitment to making positive changes and rolling this out to the entire organization. I highly recommend this program to any business looking to improve their employees overall experience. We have had great success and feedback since the start of the pilot and we will continue to use the knowledge and program in the future."

- Lindsay Martin, Director of HR and People Services at Ecofitt

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Make sure your EX is working for both your people and your company.

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