If you don't design your organization intentionally, bias will do it for you

We help you engage your employees by focusing on what matters to your people and to your business

Attract and retain the right people by evolving their experience

  • Advance your people practices by truly understanding them

  • Find the focus that engagement scores do not give you

  • Collaborate to create a better way of working

See the impact of an intentional EX Strategy:

- Turnover
- Stress
- Volatility
+ engagement
+ Well-being
+ Results

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Assessing EX

  • Start with what exists

  • Every group of people is unique and has their own motivators

  • Know your people so you can work with them better

Leading EX

  • Provide leaders with focus on what is important

  • Support your employees in work and beyond

  • Need to prioritize to start the evolution

Designing EX

  • Show your people that you know they are what make you successful

  • Working together to make something great

  • Human-centric design creates better outcomes for everyone

Employee Experience is Everywhere

Whether you are just getting started with your EX strategy, or are looking to super-charge your current initiatives, we can help.  We specialize in people-centric organizational design and have two decades of experience helping organizations nurture the environment in which people can thrive.  EXD supports organizations as they modernize their people practices, nurture employees, and drive business outcomes. 

Leaders know that a positive work experience inspires people to thrive, with great impact on happiness, engagement, and productivity. Prosperous teams create prosperous companies.

Creating great experiences starts by listening. You must listen to what your employees care about in order to help them achieve it. Let this knowledge drive action to deliver an exceptional work experience that is directly related to what people truly care about. Let this knowledge power your EX strategy.

Whats Being Said…

"Gil has a fabulous understanding of both people and business and how the two interact. His positive attitude and beliefs on how he can make work better for employees are invaluable. During his two years as Director of Employee Experience, Gil brought tremendous value to the business, as well as, to me personally as CEO. Gil is enthusiastic and passionate, while also being practical and consultative. He is always able to draw the best out of those around him. I highly recommend to others to work with Gil in helping to drive better outcomes for both their business and their people."


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Keeping your people engaged starts with understanding.

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